"I know you have an aching heart, and feel that we are far apart,
   I am the breeze whispering through the leaves,

and the birds song in the trees.
I am the gentle sunlight in the grass,
and the lazy drone as the bumble bees pass,

I am the droplets in the rain shower,

and the butterfly that alights the flower.

Don’t be sad, for I am roaming free and exactly where I loved to be."

© Charley Harrington, 2020




"The York Minster Cat"

Gerald was a beautiful Bengal cat who lived and roamed freely upon the streets and in the gardens surrounding York's Minster Cathedral.

He became a familiar sight for both residents and visitors to York, making friends locally and from all around the world. 

Gerald's passing at the young age of six in September 2020 had a profound impact on those he had encountered and the community he left behind, most notably his Bengal brother Donald. 

This website was designed to provide a place to  remember him, reflect on his life and to celebrate his unique qualities. 


" I loved this little guy so much. He brightened my day each time I saw him, RIP my little friend"

Beth Mckenna

" Bless wee Gerald, brought people together from far and wide, all with the same love and  admiration for a cat with a very special character"

Tracey Irvine

" While the world around us in chaos it is heart warming to see so much love for a cat.

Gerald was a beautiful boy, I met him and loved his strong personality and strong opinions"

Erica Fletcher